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Moon Gong Meditation
Posted by: TheShala 06 April, 2017 15:10

The healing and transformational vibrations of the gong take us on a meditative journey, aiding stress, releasing emotional blockages, increasing prana, stimulating the glandular and the parasympathetic nervous systems and quietening the mind.

Join Amy Bisazza for our monthly Full Moon Gong Meditations, which allow us to honour the cyclical nature of the moon together. During the Full Moon Gong Meditation's, there will be a seated meditation, incorporating mantra, pranayama and mudra to prepare the mind and body for the healing vibrations of the Gong. Then lying down in relaxation an affirmation (sankalpa) can be acknowledged during the led practice of Yoga Nidra, which will lead into the Gong Bath; inviting the seeds of our intentions to grow and manifest. Just bring your presence and willingness to let go and surrender, allowing the healing properties of the Gong to revive your heart and spirit.

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Namaste x

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