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How to make sense of a tragedy with Cathy Rentzenbrink & Dr Suzanne O’Sullivan
Posted by: Village Books 15 June, 2017 08:25

How do we make sense of heartache? Cathy Rentzenbrink and Dr Suzanne O’Sullivan will discuss learning to deal with heartache, grief and loss. They’ll explore how to cope with life at its most difficult and how that suffering may change us forever but we can emerge filled with hope.

Cathy Rentzenbrink is the author of a bestselling and stunning memoir called The Last Act of Love about the life and death of her brother. Cathy was still a teenager at the time and her happy family was torn apart by this unthinkable tragedy. In A Manual for Heartache she describes how she learnt to live with grief and loss and find joy in the world again.
Tickets are £8 & includes a glass of wine. BOOK TICKETS HERE:

Cathy will be in conversation with Dr. Suzanne O’Sullivan.

Dr Suzanne O’Sullivan is an Irish neurologist working in Britain who is the winner of the 2016 Wellcome Book Prize. She won for her first book, It’s All in Your Head: True Stories of Imaginary Illness. O’Sullivan is a consultant neurologist at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London.

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