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7 Acts, One Bill, 3 Quid - Tonight Monday.
Posted by: Mr. Tea 02 March, 2009 15:19

Monday 2 March The All-New Stand-Up Show...
New Act Night...

7 relatively New Acts do 5-7 minutes showcasing their talent.
Most of these comics have done 50-100 gigs so are well on their way to developing a good set.
We've already slipped 4 acts on to our top-notch Saturday night Stand-Up Show - as an unadvertised extra bonus - such has been the high standard so far.
When we did this gig at the EDT Al Murray, Ross Noble, Boothby Graffoe were among those that pitched up regularly.

They're the future folks and it's only 3 quid.

Jen Brister comperes.

The line-up George Ryegold, Natalie Luurtsema, Julian Deane, James Agha, Ben Davis, Lou Sanders, John Kearns.

Do please join The HOB Forest Hill facebook group for All-New Stand-Up Show line-up up-dates.

8pm. 3

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