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Boot Led Zeppelin TONIGHT/SUNDAY at The HOB
Posted by: Mr. Tea 03 March, 2009 15:01

here's the week aheads funny business and one-off live music Sunday special...

Thursday Celebrity Pub-quiz

Local living legend Stephen ' The Wow Show, The Oblivion Boys, The Young Ones, Carling Black Label, Comedy Store Players, Churchill ' Frost pops the questions.

9pm. 2

Saturday Night Stand-up Comedy

M.C. Juliet Meyers, whose 'on-stage likeability and clever puns are a joy' - Time Out, is the rope keeping the overloaded roof-rack of this week's skidding charabanc of a show in place.

Clamber aboard and fasten your seat-belts for Nick Doody, whose writing credits include Friday Night Live and 8 out of 10 Cats. Doody got off to a jump start re stand-up; while still a student he was hand-picked by Bill Hicks himself to support him on his last UK tour. He's one of the brightest talents on the circuit; sharp, topical and surreal.
'Very impressive...unfailingly good punch-lines...' - Chortle.

Hold on to your hat for Inder Manocha who perfectly captures Britain's infatuation with ethnic intergration, and conjures up a belly-full of laughs with sharp-shooting cultural observations. He played Anwar's father in E4's Skins and can also be seen playing a leading role in the new Jimmy Nail vehicle 'Parents of the Band'.

And wind down your window and scream for Addy Van Der Borgh whose 'witty set is as much a tour-de-force performance piece as stand-up' - Chortle.
'Addy takes you on a journey of the mind to the many voices in your head, that come together in a brilliant combination' - Time Out.
'An excellent stand-up' - The Guardian.
'Comic genius' - The Scotsman.

Monday 9th - The All-New Stand-up Show...New Material Night

7 headline acts do their latest stuff hot-off-the-pad/back-of-hand/sleeve.
One for the comedy purist this one. There's little or no 'where you from?' type lead up - they simply get up there and go at it.

Our pool of headliners: Daniel Kitson, Micky Flanagan, Paul Tonkinson, Rob Rouse, Liam Mullone, Paul Sinha, Jeff Innocent, Alan Francis, Martin Soan, Charmian Hughes, Andrew Bird, Stephen Carling and Steve Day - leave us chin deep in brand new and quality comedy every other week.

Fascinating, funny and only 3 quid.

If you'er interested do join The Hob Facebook group as we keep members informed re Monday night line-ups.

8pm. 3

One-off Sunday Special - Boot Led Zeppelin - Live at The HOB

One of the very best tribute bands here this Sunday 8th March

'The nearest thing I've heard to the lords of seriously won't get any better than this!' Fearne Cotton, BBC radio 1.

If this is up your alley do get here early as last time they were here the place got packed.

8pm. Free entry

Keep on rocking for the free world

Emma and Ron

Tuesday Poker,Thursday Pub Quiz, Friday Live Music, Saturday Stand-Up, Sunday Boot-led Zeppelin
Monday The All-new Stand-Up Show.
Free Wi-Fi

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Re: Top-Notch comedy;Local Living Legend... And Boot Led Zeppelin TONIGHT/SUNDAY at The HOB
Posted by: Mr. Tea 08 March, 2009 13:25

Boot Led Zeppelin tonight at The HOB

8pm. free entry

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