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Why we have reached Peak Bullshit and what we can do about it!
Posted by: Village Books 23 October, 2017 10:36

Join Village Books & Evan Davis as he shares his thoughts with you.

Lies and deception, flannel and waffle, distracting decoration or flamboyance, artifice and insincerity, pure nonsense and gibberish: bullshit is everywhere you look. And never has there been more concern about it. From President Trump to the Brexit debate, we hear constant talk of falsehoods and fake news, and appeals to alternative facts. So why has bullshit apparently become the communications strategy of our time?

Drawing on behavioural science, economics, psychology and his knowledge of the media, in this event Evan will set out to explore the surprising logic of the bullshit we encounter. He’ll step inside the panoply of deception and spin employed not just in recent politics, but in all walks of life, to explain why these falsehoods are both pervasive and persistent. Drawing on behavioural science, economics, psychology and his extensive knowledge of the media, Evan sets out why fake news has apparently become the communications strategy of our time and charts a route through it.

Tickets are £10/£8. BOOK TICKETS HERE:

Evan Davis is the main presenter of the BBC2 current affairs show, Newsnight. Before taking up that role in September 2014, he was a presenter of the Today programme on BBC Radio 4. He is also well-known as the presenter of the BBC2 business reality show Dragons Den. And on Radio 4, he hosts a weekly business discussion programme the Bottom Line.

This event is taking place on Sunday 5th November 2017 7.30pm at the MCT at Alleyn’s, Townley Road, Dulwich SE22 8SU

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