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Free EFT “Tapping” Therapy Session during December. Stressed? Anxious? Overwhelmed? Depressed?
Posted by: NaturalHealthCoach 24 November, 2017 19:52

Hi, I’m Tom, a local Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner

During December 2017, I am offering a Completely Free, one-hour, EFT Therapy Session.

To watch a short video and to book your free session visit:

EFT (also known as “Tapping”) is an emotional version of acupuncture, except, instead of using needles, we gently tap with our fingertips on certain meridian points of the body.

EFT fuses the ancient Chinese system of healing along with Counselling, Nuerolinguistic Programming (NLP) and Psychoneuroimmunology, to facilitate healing of the mind and body.

Whilst EFT is perfect for STRESS, ANXIETY, DEPRESSION and OVERWHELM, it can be applied with great success to almost any physical or emotional challenge.

I specialise in helping my clients uncover the route emotional causes of their emotional and physical issues.

Tapping then discharges negative physical and emotional tension, releases fears, long-held traumas and disempowering beliefs and allows a person to move forward in life with a set of new, more empowering beliefs.

I have been a professional one-to-one coach and therapist, specialising in the mind-body connection since 2001.

Sessions are held in a private therapy room in Forest Hill, or can be at your home (surrounding areas) or over Skype.

In Health and Happiness,

Tom (:
07794 433 978

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