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Harry Potter Parties
Posted by: simonrosselli 26 February, 2021 10:12

Harry Potter Parties

The Harry Potter style Magic Show is broadcast direct to you from Hogwarts. Before the show you go on a journey to arrive at the castle and have a tour of the inside with the moving staircase and moving pictures. It includes load of spells from the books such as Leviosa (to make things float), Incendio (to make things burn) Accio (summoning spell), transformation spells – turning one thing into another and the world famous Invisibility cloak and Ear Wax Flavoured Jelly Beans (produced by the birthday child). There is also a 90 second recap of all the books in 90 seconds so even if you’ve never seen – you will get the gist of it. We also have a money making machine from Gringotts bank and a lie detector, to see if someone is telling the truth or not. You will also get to see a real live white rabbit make a magical appearance.

So if you have some serious Harry Potter Fans in the house, this is for you. Please watch the video below to get an idea of character and backdrop.

Amigo's Magic Promo - YouTube

If your child is a budding magician we have a Magic School and Tuition available for the two hour package – they get to learn some magic and a new skill using coins, cards and rubber bands. To see the benefits of learning magic please see below. If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Yours Magically - Simon

Memorable for both Adults and Children
30yrs of Experience - Member of The Magic Circle & Equity

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