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That new website
Posted by: downsouth 14 December, 2007 17:10


A shamelessly similar plea to the one made in the East Dulwich Forum near its inception, we thought that with a non-existant advertising budget wed ask you for help with promoting this site. All we ask is that you please mention the West Dulwich Forum to people, whether they be friends, family, that bloke down the pub, the nice lady in the shop, your angry neighbour, the person behind the bar, that chap who's always complaining about the state of the street or just a random stranger.

Next time someone asks you something about West Dulwich or when it next comes into conversation, say "Have you checked out the West Dulwich Forum? It's a great website where you can find out information about the area and you can discuss local issues as well as find out what's going on. Go to and have a look, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how useful it is."

We would also like to put up some small posters or postcards in local shop windows, saying something like:
"Got local issues? Get help using The West Dulwich Forum"
"Get it off your chest on The West Dulwich Forum"
"The West Dulwich Forum - The Forum for West Dulwich" (a personal favourite of mine)
"Why should you put up with it? Share your frustrations on The West Dulwich Forum"
"Where can I find a local cleaner/builder/enlightenment?- The West Dulwich Forum of course!"
"That &!*?%!@! builder ripped me off, if only there was somewhere to warn others about him There is - The West Dulwich Forum"

Do you have any decent ideas for what we can say on a small poster? Do you know where we could put up a small poster or postcard?

All help is greatly appreciated, such as SE21 magazine who are kindly doing a small piece on this site in their January 2008 issue. Oh, and if you can link a website to this website that would be brilliant.

Anyway, it's going well at the moment (90 unique visitors and 17,453 page views on Friday 14 December 2007) so thanks to everyone who uses it.

Thanks a bunch

The West Dulwich Forum

Just a note about me, I live in West Dulwich and, have always found it frustrating to not have a place to find out about local West Dulwich issues and events. This site's intention is not to make money, it's to give people round here a place to be heard, to discuss things and to hopefully make life a little better in West Dulwich.

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Re: That new website
Posted by: trisha 10 June, 2019 22:38

Hey downsouth

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