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About this forum - Terms of use - please read
Posted by: mark 18 December, 2007 22:58

This forum is intended to be for use by people who live in, drive through, have an interest in or just want more information about London's West Dulwich. Everyone who uses this forum is free to post their thoughts, requests, recommendations, rants, wants, needs, desires, questions and more on here without unnecessary obstruction therefore we, the people who set up this forum, are not responsible for other people's writings.

Having said that, please [b]don't post anything that you know is wrong[/b], by all means, for example if you have had a bad experience with a local company or service, please tell us all about it, but do not post anything which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, threatening or illegal. If you post something on here you are liable for its consequences. Postings should where possible be based on fact, made in good faith, published without malice and of interest to West Dulwich.

Remembering that we offer the platform, if you have an issue with something that's been posted here (and dealing with it directly on the forum hasn't or won't work) please email the forum (the link's at the bottom of every page) with the details and we will endeavour to resolve the issue. All posts to this forum have their IP logged which means that, in extreme cases, the person who posted a message can be traced.

The forum is administered by the Administrator who may have to step in every now and then, usually if postings are fraudulent or spam or just out of order and offensive. Postings that are totally irrelevant to threads maybe edited or removed because they spoil the flow of forum. We also reserve the right to edit or delete postings for various reasons, usually the title to make it more relevant. Please don't post messages in purely capital letters, especially the subject line, they will be edited. If a message is edited a note is usually left behind explaining why but sometimes not. If you want to reproduce anything on this website outside of you must first get permission from the individual message poster or the administrators (who are very amicable by the way).

West Dulwich businesses can promote themselves once on the forum at the Administrator's discretion, if you're unsure please ask first. Abuse of this site for commercial gain is not allowed and frowned upon, action maybe taken against companies who break that rule so don't do it.

Please make the subject line as descriptive as possible, sometimes we may amend it to give more detail. e.g. please don't put "cake" when "I'm looking for a wedding cake supplier" would be better.

The small amount of information you give i.e. username, email and password (twice) is never given out to any third-parties without your permission. We encourage people to register (a one time process) as it means you can post messages, receive emails telling you people have replied to your post, you can edit any messages you post (amend those spelling mistakes) and gives your life more meaning. We may send you the odd email (so far we've sent none) but you can easily unsubscribe if we decide to send them regularly. Again, your details will never be released without your permission to a third party.

When you login to your account cookies are set on your computer, which are tiny files that store information so that this website remembers you're logged in. These cookies expire in 30 days for security purposes and after that time has passed you must login again.

[b]Please give us feedback[/b] and tell us your thoughts on this forum (otherwise we won't know). We would really like it if you told us you didn't like something or if something doesn't work or you think it's great. Please post them here,498 or email us using the link at the bottom of the page)

If you can help promote the West Dulwich Forum we would really appreciate it, just a mention of it to someone would be great.

That's it really, we hope you find it useful,

The West Dulwich Forum Team

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