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Dry Cleaners/Scobies
Posted by: MissJCYates 06 September, 2008 11:52

Anyone had problems with Scobies of Dulwich? I thought they were reputable but they seem to have lost my lovely brand new Designers Guild sofa cover (small ink stain!). Manager was very unhelpful when I was obviously upset about this. Any advice as to my legal rights most welcome.

Re: Dry Cleaners/Scobies
Posted by: Dazzaman 26 November, 2008 11:38

Sorry, only just joined but this is a simple one to resolve. The dry cleaning company is legally responsible for the negligence of losing your sofa cover, either directly or via sub contractors (such as couriers they may use) so they cannot wriggle out of their responsibility.

The mere fact they lost your sofa cover is enough to show that the dry cleaner is in breach of contract, and this means you must be paid adequate compensation. Obviously, you can claim for the value of the cover, it is also reasonably foreseeable that youe should recover an additional amount of money to compensate for her disappointment, distress and upset at the loss of the item.

Do bear in mind that in reality the dry cleaning company is likely to pass the claim to their insurers who may strongly resist the claim, so youe may need to pursue this to the end, taking your case to the small claims court if necessary to make sure you is not sold short.

Anything I can do to help, let me know - I am a solicitor by profession and not looking for trade here; any advice I give will be free of charge

Re: Dry Cleaners/Scobies
Posted by: bufforptel 27 January, 2009 14:54

A local dry cleaners has lost the trousers to a suit. They have agreed to pay compensation but I dont know how much to ask for. The suit is used but was an expensive one costing more than 450.00 and has been rendered useless now. Question is how much is reasonable

Re: Dry Cleaners/Scobies
Posted by: Dazzaman 27 January, 2009 14:58

Well, how old was the suit? How many times did you wear it? Is there a suit of comparable quality from where you originally bought the suit from?

Happy to help, if I can.

Re: Dry Cleaners/Scobies
Posted by: bufforptel 27 January, 2009 15:29

Many thanks for your quick reply. Whilst the suit had some wear [ no visible sign] there was plenty of wear left in it. Could i really expect the cost of a replacement ? The suit is a couple of years old

Re: Dry Cleaners/Scobies
Posted by: Dazzaman 27 January, 2009 16:10

It would be perfectly reasonable to ask for the cost of a new coat of similar quality - you will find the dry cleaners squabble, but just stick to your guns!

Re: Dry Cleaners/Scobies
Posted by: bufforptel 09 February, 2009 19:33

Hi there, the latest update now is that the cleaners have my jacket and are drying to match the trousers and I have agreed. They have said that it is my word against the guy behind the counter that I havent had the jacket back, he said I have and I say that I have not. I still have the ticket

Re: Dry Cleaners/Scobies
Posted by: Dazzaman 10 February, 2009 09:34

'Morning, Terry

Could you PM me details of what has happened? I'm a bit puzzled by your last message here, thanks

Re: Dry Cleaners/Scobies
Posted by: gemmat 02 July, 2013 12:18

SCOBIES ARE AWFUL!!!!! They have lost two 500 shirts of mine (both new) and other linen and refuse to replace them or file an insurance claim and now the guy Mustafa won't even answer our phone calls. I am having to take him to small claims court which is a pain obviously but just so annoying and unncessary if they had done their job properly in the first place. JUST TERRIBLE SERVICE!!!!

Re: Dry Cleaners/Scobies
Posted by: tcse21 03 July, 2013 00:34

You spent 1000 on 2 shirts?

I think you should be prosecuting the con-artist who sold them to you rather than the dry cleaner.

Re: Dry Cleaners/Scobies
Posted by: Katrina197 15 September, 2019 09:57

Dear Gemmat,
Did you make any progress with your claim?
What is Mustafa's family name? Scobies does not seam to be REGISTERED at all as a company?

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