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Belair House
Posted by: BiffBoy 19 November, 2013 18:16

Has anyone been to the newly opened Belair House (back to original name)? Such a wonderful building, but was pretty rundown with bad service last time I visited!

It has so much potential, looking forward to checking it out.

Re: Belair House
Posted by: BiffBoy 21 November, 2013 00:32

Why does no one ever comment on West Dulwich chat, BiffyBoy is loney :(

Re: Belair House
Posted by: purrgon 21 November, 2013 19:23

Never went here when it was under it's previous banner as had bad report about the food, but did go there some years back when it was Belair House, food was very good,as was the service. Let's hope that now it's back to it's original name it will be back to it's original standard.

Re: Belair House
Posted by: ClareH 22 November, 2013 13:44

We had lunch there the first weekend they were serving food after the reopening. Their Sunday roast was very good and I would certainly recommend it. The weekday menus look good too - they just offer a few dishes, which is usually a good sign.

Re: Belair House
Posted by: Jonathan 28 November, 2013 09:24

Glad the name has been changed back to the original from the ridiculous temporary name the former people gave it. Hope it does well, it's a got a wonderful location.

Re: Belair House
Posted by: Melissa johnson 30 November, 2013 19:38

Dropped into Belair House today to check it out. What a spectacular building! Charming staff too. We only had a drink but have now made a booking for dinner. I think this place will really shine come summer when they will apparently be having hog roast bbq's on the balconies overlooking the park. We're so lucky to have such a beautiful building on our doorstep, I really hope it's a success. Good luck Belair House (& noooo I'm in no way affiliated!), Mel x

Re: Belair House
Posted by: Grover 03 December, 2013 09:15

Went there this weekend to check it out. The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming and the staff couldn't have been more helpful. The dining room layout is slightly odd, always has been, but that's the fault of the building not the owners. The food was good but perhaps could do with a bit more refinement at this level. The limited menu is a good sign. There are very nice function rooms upstairs too. I wish them well and hope they succeed as this would be a good place to call in for a quiet drink or lunch as well as dinner, and it fills a gap in the local market.

Re: Belair House
Posted by: MtnBikeChick 07 December, 2013 21:38

It looks great, but I am disappointed already. I sent them
An email enquiring about room hire for a private event and no one had come back to me a number of days later. My event isn't until next year, but for a new business this is a bit of a shame.

Re: Belair House
Posted by: Dulwichdamsel 09 December, 2013 07:13

To give them a chance I would suggest following your email up with a phone call MtnBikeChick, maybe they're a bit overwhelmed with recently opening, I'm sure they wouldn't want to lose your business, Xmas spirit etc

Re: Belair House
Posted by: arroncurtis 09 December, 2013 11:22

Hi MtnBikeChick really sorry if nobody has got back to you, we have indeed been overwhelmed by the demand for info, menus dates prices etc and have had new it systems fitted since launch to streamline all enquiries. Please call us and we will jump on to it straight away, Dulwichdamsel is right we wouldn't to loose any business, or better still pop in for a drink and we can show you round.

Re: Belair House
Posted by: susan t 09 December, 2013 18:04

The building looks spectacular. I hope they can manage to stay open this time. The atmosphere is nice and the staff is really friendly.

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Re: Belair House
Posted by: Apple314 12 October, 2014 22:30

We had an event here and the food was really bad. Might be OK for dinner I don't know but wouldn't recommend it for a big party.

Re: Belair House
Posted by: stuart-WD 17 October, 2014 17:37

We went shortly after opening and had a terrible meal... One dish was inedible and we had to send it back.

However i've been a few times since - it's great for cocktails and they put on some good entertainment too, but I've not been brave enough to eat there again.

Anyone know if they've brought in a new chef?

Re: Belair House
Posted by: dohchos 24 October, 2014 07:37

No unfortunately the food is really bad, it's a real shame.

Re: Belair House
Posted by: Begonia 24 October, 2014 14:21

We ate there this week and enjoyed it! Staff were good too. The food I thought was nice; not amazing but certainly not inedible.

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