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Robson Road
Posted by: mum1901 24 May, 2014 22:02


Viewed a terraced property on robson road and quite liked it. We want to make an offer but wanted Feedback on how the road, locality is, what neighbours are like, is the cemetery bang opposite like?


Re: Robson Road
Posted by: Truthteller 27 May, 2014 18:27

Hi Mum 1901

Robson Road is a lovely place to live. The cemetery was moved a few years ago, and they put in a large Waitrose instead. Other than that the area hasn't changed much. It's like Dulwich, only less expensive LOL.


Re: Robson Road
Posted by: tcse21 27 May, 2014 19:27

A few years ago I got robbed at gunpoint in Robson Road by the bus stop opposite the terraced houses. I believe there was a spate of muggings in the area at that time though.

Re: Robson Road
Posted by: LadyNorwood 27 May, 2014 19:37

Don't know what TT is on about - unless he's trying to be funny.... Robson Road is quite OK - 322 bus runs fairly regularly (up to Crystal Palace round the houses) and down to Brixton and on to Clapham; traffic can be a bit busy, but shops on West Norwood are varied (some great - Beamish & McGlue is excellent for deli stuff, some not so much, but there's 3 supermarkets (Tesco, Sainsbury and Co-Op?, not a Waitrose in sight)and a Superdrug) - Rosendale Road has a few shops (great butcher) and West Dulwich shops are small but good.... Roadworks around the cemetery have been going on for ever, but there is a good train service from West Norwood; library has shut down but there's a new leisure centre being built and there's a great Feast food market on the first Sunday in every month.... Hope this helps - can't comment on the neighbours!!

Re: Robson Road
Posted by: mum1901 27 May, 2014 19:51

Thanks all for your comments!

Re: Robson Road
Posted by: Lubylu 27 May, 2014 20:32

I know a couple of families who live on Robson Road and are very happy there.
It's convenient for West Norwood station & shops & same for West Dulwich.
Hope this helps!

Re: Robson Road
Posted by: Dulwichdamsel 27 May, 2014 23:32

I second Lady N, Robson rd is great, prob slightly pref Dulwich end than West Norwood. Local community & shops have a very friendly vibe

Re: Robson Road
Posted by: mum1901 28 May, 2014 17:42

Really helpful feedback!

Re: Robson Road
Posted by: Truthteller 29 May, 2014 08:29

It's always a pleasure to be of help.

Re: Robson Road
Posted by: Fatcats 03 June, 2014 21:51

mum1901 Wrote:
> Hi
> Viewed a terraced property on robson road and
> quite liked it. We want to make an offer but
> wanted Feedback on how the road, locality is, what
> neighbours are like, is the cemetery bang opposite
> like?
> Mum1901

I live on robson road! Everyone seems very nice from what we know of them. We've been there 18 months never had any problems with crime etc. We have a street committee which has an agm and a fresh view day every year when people from the street get together to clear up some communal areas and paint. This year it's on Saturday and I think we're painting the victorian toilets. Local police went to our agm earlier this year and said there are no problems with crime on the street plus the street committee leader send regular emails to update us all on anything going on that might affect residents.

I love living opposite the cemetery, it makes the street feel more peaceful than if we lived opposite another row of houses. Parking is excellent if you need it. We're in the middle of the street and use both tulse hill and west norwood stations and bus links to brixton are excellent for the Victoria line.

The rosendale is a nice pub but a bit noisy for me. But you've also got the railway at tulse hill and the great north wood that's just opened. We quite like the horns for watching the football as well.

Then for shopping you've got the best of west norwood and west dulwich really as you're well placed for norwood high street and croxted road.

Although they're terrace houses they seem to have very solid walls as we don't hear anything of our neighbours on rather side really, which is great.

The only downsides I would say are speeding cars, lorries and motorbikes. This is because robson road is a designated fire engine route it means we can't have proper speed bumps. And it can be noisy at night with people walking home from after a night out and fire engine sirens occasionally! But I must caveat this by saying we've inherited terrible windows which we need to replace so I think our sound proofing could be a lot better.

I think robson road is a good place to live. You could do a lot worse.

Re: Robson Road
Posted by: happyshooter 16 June, 2014 12:53

Thanks Fatcats we are hoping to move to the area very soon and it's great to know you're enjoying it there!

I wonder why so many people are selling on Robson Road though? Have seen a lot of houses come up for sale on the road in the last 6 months or so! Is there a reason for the mass exodus?

Re: Robson Road
Posted by: djb 18 June, 2014 13:45

I think the number of properties for sale is due to the fact that prices have gone crazy lately and people feel that now is a better time to sell - which is understandable given that asking prices have gone up by about 150K in the last year alone.

We've lived here for years and really like it. The road is very quiet - we get the odd idiot using it as a cut through - but then we're not alone in that! The location is excellent for local transport links with three stations and various bus routes all within easy reach. It's urban London so it'll never be crime free but we have a neighbourhood watch scheme and good community spirit and we've always felt safe living here.

The residents association has a website ( - although there's not much on there at the moment.

Re: Robson Road
Posted by: Fatcats 18 June, 2014 21:00

Yes that is my hunch as well. There is honestly nothing else I can think of.

Maybe people think the time is right to sell up and get a bigger place further out.

Re: Robson Road
Posted by: Fatcats 24 June, 2015 10:09

Bumping this thread to flag the proposed extension to the 315 bus. Robson Road is part of the proposed new route. Background info here:,17852

Consultation here:

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