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Stolen Volvo 240 her name is Matilda
Posted by: dohchos 01 September, 2014 18:24

Dohchos Wrote:
> I can not believe it, someone has stolen my Volvo
> 240, she was ancient but priceless to me, she is
> called Matilda (her name is written down the side)
> she is so old almost vintage, I have no idea why
> anyone would want it, if anyone sees a volvo 240
> blue estate abandoned somewhere, please let me
> know, I would really love to get her back. Thank
> you.

Re: Stolen Volvo 240 her name is Matilda
Posted by: volvoman 22 November, 2014 21:58


It will most certainly been stolen to supply a track car for banger racing. There has been a spate of 240s getting nicked in this area for a few years now, which I thought had died down, but obvioisly not. Probably the same guys who nicked this one...

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