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Red route outside station
Posted by: Sammm 28 September, 2014 18:05

Hello, my daughter picked up a friend at West Dulwich station yesterday afternoon - -Saturday, about 3pm - and STOPPED THE CAR ON A RED ROUTE!! I am not a Londoner but i remember when red routes were introduced and i thought that stopping, even only momentarily, was absolutely forbidden. Seems it depends on whether its a single red route line or a double red line but i cant find this out. Can one of you locals tell me the the likely consequence? thanks for any info.

Re: Red route outside station
Posted by: SteveA 13 October, 2014 00:43

There's a marked bay under the bridge which would have been allowed at that time, they should have stopped there and that'd be 100% ok.

If they parked directly outside the station that's no stopping at any time (double red). They could get a penalty charge notice (fine). If they didn't get one at the time it's unlikely they'll receive one in the post though.

Single reds let you stop on some days/times, with signs showing when. Doubles are 24/7. Bays let you stop, but only at the times on the sign and for a limited amount of time (eg 20 minutes). Google Street View is pretty good for checking as you can usually zoom in and read the signs.

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