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Do you know anyone that wants to rent their house?
Posted by: John Hogan 06 October, 2014 12:29

After eight years on Dalkeith Road, my wife and I decided that Kent coast living would be a good idea for our four young daughters. We moved in July, the new school turned out to be terrible and we're looking for somewhere to rent back in West Dulwich as soon as possible. The girls are back at Rosendale school, we have a very temporary solution to our housing problem, but we're desperate for a long term solution. If you know of anyone looking to rent their house in West Dulwich, could you please point them in our direction. I'm a journalist, my wife is a childminder. We have a cat and a small (clean) dog. We can provide references from our old landlady to show that we didn't miss a single rental payment in eight years, as well as proof that our dog didn't cause any damage (or leave any weird dog smell) to the property we lived in on Dalkeith. If you know of anywhere, can you drop me a line at
Thanks very much. John.

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