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267, Rommany road, West Dulwich. Albert Turner & Dorothy Good( around 1940)
Posted by: N.J. Turner 08 October, 2014 20:35

First let me introduce myself; My name Is Neil John Turner and I’m an (assistant head) teacher at a primary school in Enschede , the Netherlands.
My father was a Englishman who married a Dutch woman, who he met during his service in the British Army. After his service they lived in the Netherlands where I was born. My nana (who’ve I only met once) died in 1983. Due to family circumstance my father never met his own father. My nana wouldn’t/couldn’t give information about my grandfather, so we never talked about my English grandfather. In 1995 my father died.
The last few years I starter to wonder about my English roots and my family History. So now I’m trying to find all the what’s/where’s and why’s.
All this above is the reason I posted this on the West Dulwich forum.
This is what I found out so far (it’s not a lot) and I’m getting quit stuck. All the information I have came from “a register of marriages” I found and ordered on the internet. (
My grandfather’s name was Albert Turner and he got married to Dorothy Margaret Good on the 2 second march 1940 at West Dulwich in the parish of Emmanuel at the age of 31 (no date of birth, no place of birth). They lived at that time at 267, Rommany Road. Investigation on the internet learned me that at present time there’s no house at this address.

Could you be of some assistance perhaps?

• Is the a office/register e.g. where I could find more information about West Dulwich during the second World War?
• Is there a “local historian” you could get me in touch with?
• There lived more Turner’s at 266 and 268 Rommany Road during the 50’s, and those addresses aren’t there anymore. Was there an big renovation of the area, rehousing e.g.?

Kind regards,


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Re: 267, Rommany road, West Dulwich. Albert Turner & Dorothy Good( around 1940)
Posted by: Carl 09 October, 2014 00:02


That stretch of Rommany Road has now become part of either St Gothard Road or Vale Street due to a redesign of the streets, although it is possible that the house itself still exists.

You can see from the maps below that the north end Rommany went as far as Martell Road:

Nowadays it stops at the junction with St Cloud Road:,-0.0926595,16z

Of the section that was formerly Rommany Road, there are two terraces of properties (on the odd numbered side of the road) that might once have been 267 Rommany Road, but I would not know imediately how to be certain. Lambeth Archives might be able to help. The Council would have kept a record of any renumbering, but finding it might be tricky.

The even numbered side has been completely redeveloped for social housing over the past 50 years.

The first can be viewed here:,-0.0936584,3a,75y,263.34h,96.22t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sd_C6pTPjB7stoX2Dawj11g!2e0

THe second, here:,-0.093444,3a,75y,331.14h,94.84t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sr7l-de0BymWwXLu54cDURg!2e0

Re: 267, Rommany road, West Dulwich. Albert Turner & Dorothy Good( around 1940)
Posted by: N.J. Turner 09 October, 2014 20:50

Thanks Carl.

I'll look right into it!!

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