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Muggings in Dulwich, Wed 12 November
Posted by: sukesbad 12 November, 2014 14:07

There has been a spate of muggings today in Dulwich, up to 7 separate incidents including in Croxted Road, near Sydenham Hill station and Turney Road, some as early at 6.45am this morning.

There was a group of 6 young men - mid 20s or so - riding 3 mopeds in pairs.

Neighbours may want to be more vigilant than usual leaving home early in the morning or returning home, especially so when mopeds are heard/sighted.

Police advice is to not walk along on mobiles, keep valuables out of sight and do not use headphones so as to remain alert to what is going on around you.

Re: Muggings in Dulwich, Wed 12 November
Posted by: Begonia 13 November, 2014 21:58

This is very frightening. I wonder if they've caught anyone yet.

Re: Muggings in Dulwich, Wed 12 November
Posted by: frenchyChti2B 14 November, 2014 13:12

Thanks for the message... hoping police will find them quickly!

Apparently very similar post on East dulwich forum too with a gang with moped , mugging people in différents Streets of ED.

Also, one of my mummy friend told me this morning that the nursery school of one of her children (nearby West dulwich station) sent a global mail to parents , folowing incident with guys riding loud moped...

fingers crossed it will stop soon.

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