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primary schools
Posted by: Penelope 25 November, 2014 09:49

Hello, we have to apply for a nursery school for my daughter very soon. We aren't that close to any, and some of the schools are so oversubscribed that we have no chance of getting a place. I believe our choice will be between Dulwich Wood School (formerly Langbourne) and Fentstanton. Does anyone have any experience of either schools they could share. I've visited both and they are so incredibly different from each other - I'd love to hear some inside information.
many thanks

Re: primary schools
Posted by: NI 05 December, 2014 08:55

Hi Penelope
We are applying for our son to start school Sept 2015. Like you we live in the 'black hole' area (Tulsemere Road) so pot luck where he will get in. One of the schools we are really thinking of putting down is Dulwich Wood Primary. We are going to see it on Monday. Can I ask what you thought of it? Thanks

Re: primary schools
Posted by: Penelope 05 December, 2014 13:12

Hello, I have to say I thought it was very nice. Its much smaller than Fenstanton and closer to us (both things are quite important). It feels like a normal local school - it's having some serious investment and has a new head, so I think much better than it used to be. My gut says its better for my daughter than Fenstanton, so we'll be chosing it too.
I'd love to hear what you thought once you've visited.

Re: primary schools
Posted by: Begonia 15 December, 2014 22:22

Have you looked at Hitherfield Primary on Leigham Vale? It's walkable from West Dulwich - we walk from SE21 - and I don't think I've ever heard a bad word said about it. Wonderful headmaster, friendly community feel. It has a field! You may be able to get on to a last minute walk around before application deadline.

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