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West Dulwich nurseries
Posted by: Elki 10 December, 2014 13:16

Hi, we're moving to the area in a couple of months and have started looking for a nursery place for our 2 year old. Rainbow Smiles and the Asquith one are closest, does anyone know what they're like? I'm arranging to visit them both but would be interested in any opinions from anyone currently using those nurseries.


Re: West Dulwich nurseries
Posted by: MtnBikeChick 15 December, 2014 16:23

I have PMd you

Re: West Dulwich nurseries
Posted by: Lubylu 15 December, 2014 18:16


Re: West Dulwich nurseries
Posted by: kirstysimone 02 January, 2015 19:49

These are my two nearest nurseries. I had a look around Asquith nursery and really didn't get a feel for it. However choosing a nursery is a very personal decision and you have to go with your instincts. My daughter goes to Anabela's Childcare Nursery which I can highly recommend.

Anabela's is based in West Norwood, (only a very short drive via side streets, or 15min walk) The nursery is small,and I admit the facilities are not as good compared to others, but the care is amazing.

There are around 11 children per day that attend the nursery. All the babies and toddlers are in the same room, which I really like.
The staff are very friendly and communication between ourselves in regards to my daughter is very good. All the staff have a real genuine love for the children. Most of the staff are Portuegese and it very much feels like my daughter is being cared for by a big mediterranean family. Also it't not as expensive as the others too. Another very good nursery, is Clive Hall Nursery on Clive Road. (They do not have a website)

Re: West Dulwich nurseries
Posted by: Katharine@Wigwam 08 January, 2015 07:48

My daughter is at Rainbow Smiles and she loves it. I've been very happy with the nursery and would recommend it.

Re: West Dulwich nurseries
Posted by: Elki 08 January, 2015 13:39

Great, thanks for the info

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