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the Rosendale Surgery
Posted by: gardengirl 17 December, 2014 19:10

an ordeal with the Rosendale Surgery I am totally frustrated and potentially going to feel really ill.
I applied via email for a repeat perscription, 2 days ago now when i picked up the prescription i would need to take one of the pills immediately as i had run out.
On arriving to pick up the prescription, i am informed that they don't have it as the email address has been changed from the one i used. I explain that the email didn't bounce back so i didn't know they hadn't received it and i had also checked the web site for an email address, but there wasn't and isn't one on there.
The receptionist understood that i need to obtain the prescription so sent it through to the doctor and i waited, and waited the pharmacy was due to close at 6.30 and this was 6.25.
The receptionist then tells me that though the doctor has finished with the patience she can't sign the prescription as she is busy with urgent paperwork.
So i leave without the prescription and the drugs that i need which potentially by not taking them i will have very nasty side effects.
Is this famous television doctor a caring genuine human being or just a self promoting egotist?
I am forced to phone NHS 111 number and call upon valuable emergency services, because they have a website without their email address!!!!

Re: the Rosendale Surgery
Posted by: LadyNorwood 17 December, 2014 19:25

Did you go through the Rosendale Surgery website to order your prescription (there's a link there, not an email address)?

I always ring the surgery to double check that they have my prescription request. I subscribe to their very efficient repeat prescription reminder service, that way I don't run the risk of leaving it to the last minute to order vital medicines...

The "famous television doctor" is very approachable and extremely competent, but she is human and, like all the GPs at the surgery, very over-stretched... I think you are being rather unfair in calling her a "self promoting egotist"...

I'm sorry that you're potentially going to feel really ill and hope you can get your prescription filled first thing tomorrow (the GP can send the prescription direct to the pharmacist and you can collect it within minutes)...

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Re: the Rosendale Surgery
Posted by: John247 05 March, 2015 16:03

The doctors are generally very good, but getting an appointment is a true nightmare and the reception staff can be unhelpful.

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