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old egg building park hall road
Posted by: bluebird 18 December, 2014 16:48

Does anyone know what's going on down there? A bunch of white 20-somethings with dreadlocks, lots of luggage, a washing machine with an anarchist symbol spray painted on the side (oh the irony) police in attendance. Squatters I presume (but hope not). Anyone know more?

Re: old egg building park hall road
Posted by: vialli 18 December, 2014 22:04

Having kept the building vacant for 11 years the amazingly impressive Dulwich Estate led by the dynamic Chief exec John Major now finds this building occupied by squatters. We should all apply pressure on this local charity to use its assets properly or sell them. the. The full list of Trustees is available on the Dulwich Estate website.

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Re: old egg building park hall road
Posted by: Dulwwichdamzel 19 December, 2014 15:41

pleased to say they are on the move,whilst I have no sympathy for them really you have to feel sorry fo the poor loves, with their smart pull along luggage and v.large flat screen tv. Do they normally find electricty connected in squats? I have seen a mirror, laundry basket, fridge freezer, and various other "housekeeping items" removed all in all a feeble attempt at rebellion! Bluebird - washing machine removed last night by refuse lorry!!

Re: old egg building park hall road
Posted by: DIX 09 January, 2015 23:16

SO, lets get this right. We West Dulwichers would rather a dilapidated building due for demolition was kept empty than see it used as a temporary home by people without one. That will take me some time to adjust to, but I'm working on it! (But I don't understand the washing machine irony enough to process that part of the equation. Can some self-less, generous local soul wise me up?).

Re: old egg building park hall road
Posted by: vialli 13 January, 2015 08:25

My suggestion is that the local charity that has kept this building empty for eleven years should either use the asset properly or sell it, thereby bringing it back into beneficial use. I am not aware that the Dulwich Estate has made any planning applications in respect of this site in the last eleven years (do not confuse it with the old dairy site, which is a different story) and to my eyes they appear to be characteristically clueless. You mention that the building is awaiting demolition. Is this an assumption on your part or is it based on facts?

The Rosendale Surgery (NHS doctors' practice) has been looking for a new local home for years and the Dulwich Estate managed to use their interest as the sweetener to gain their controversial planning consent to redevelop the complex dairy site. A much simpler and faster solution would, in my opinion, be to redevelop the former egg building site to accommodate the Rosendale Surgery in modern purpose built accommodation. The site is much larger than it appears peering through the gates and any competent architect could produce a fabulous facility here. This could have been done years ago.

Re: old egg building park hall road
Posted by: apbremer 15 February, 2015 18:11

Which is the egg building?/

Re: old egg building park hall road
Posted by: ally 15 October, 2015 14:06

Does anyone know exactly what is being put on this site? Was there a consultation and is the 7,000 sq ft shop discussed earlier included?

Re: old egg building park hall road
Posted by: vialli 16 October, 2015 10:41


Dulwich Estate obtained planning consent to demolish 69A Park Hall Road and the site is now cleared. They have not yet submitted an application for a new development.
They have a planning consent for the redevelopment of the adjacent old dairy site with a frontage on Croxted Road and you can find this on the Lambeth Planning portal under reference 12/04235/FUL
It would appear that the estate is going to use the land at 69A Park Hall Road as a site facility for the contractors working on the dairy site development.

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