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Au pair attacked in West Dulwich
Posted by: Colleen 02 March, 2015 11:39

Hi there. I just wanted to send out a word of warning. Last night (01/03/15) my 18 year old au pair, M, got assaulted in West Dulwich by 2 girls who were about 16 years old at the most. M came out of West Dulwich train station at about 7pm and the 2 girls were already in the station. They then proceeded to follow her up the South Circular towards Lancaster Avenue and when M took a side road they pushed her up against a wall and tried to strangle her, saying they wanted her phone. They also insinuated they had a weapon which they would use and made a fist to punch her in the face. One of the girls then kicked M in the stomach but M started screaming pushed the girl off who was strangling her and ran.

M said that although she was aware of them following her, she never took it seriously because they were young and the one girl had on what appeared to be a false beard and just looked strange and silly. M never thought they would actually attack her.
The one girl was very thin with an olive green baseball/puffa jacket and the other one was bigger set and had this fake beard thing on her face wearing all black and on a bike. We called the police immediately when M got in and they were with us within 15 minutes.

Please be on the lookout for these girls as they probably will be in the area and warn your teenagers walking alone to be very careful. This happened at 7 in the evening.
Thankfully M was not seriously hurt but has some red marks round her neck and went into shock and was really shaken very badly.
It sounds like the girls thought it was a big joke because they were laughing.
Please get in touch if you think you know anything about these girls.

Thanks very much.

Re: Au pair attacked in West Dulwich
Posted by: LadyNorwood 04 March, 2015 13:07

What a horrid thing to happen - hope she's OK. Was there any CCTV at the station?

Re: Au pair attacked in West Dulwich
Posted by: Colleen 04 March, 2015 13:37

Yes there was CCTV where they were standing and the police said they were going to check it and let us know. Must say, the police were very good and also took DNA swabs from around her neck where the red marks were. I just feel so horrible for her she has been with us for 6 months and was planning on going home at the end of summer and is the sweetest, most lovely girl. She has been having the best time in London, making friends and creating such happy memories and now this horrible incident. Think we were all in a bit of shock to tell you the truth.

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