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Fox with no tail
Posted by: PrincessGK 08 May, 2015 15:51

Just a warning!!!!

Last night I was in bed and was awoken by what I though was my cat jumping on the bed and standing by my head. I felt a wet nose on my cheek and lots of sniffing which I knew was not my cat so I moved my head and the fox started grabbing my hair so I jumped up. It then jumped off the bed so I turned the light on and there was a fox with no tail laying down on my bedroom floor.

It just kept staring at me and did not move or seem scared. I managed to get the fox out by closing all doors in the house, opening the front door and using a broom to usher it out the door. I realised that the fox got in the house through a small half open bathroom window.

Has anybody else seen/encountered this fox with no tail?

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