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Topps Tiles
Posted by: Mazza 17 May, 2015 21:42

Sad that Topps Tiles will be a new edition to the parade in West Dulwich. Dulwich Estates should think more about adding something to the area/community rather than going for a bland shop who can afford the huge rent.

Re: Topps Tiles
Posted by: LadyNorwood 18 May, 2015 09:03

Unfortunately the clue is in the phrase "huge rent" - not many independents can afford the rent and DE (like them or not) would likely consider increasing the amount charged to residents on the Estate to make up what they may perceive to be a shortfall in revenue. I'm not a fan of big generic shops opening, but I'd rather have something in the space rather than have it boarded up (which makes the area look downbeat in my opinion)....

Re: Topps Tiles
Posted by: Dulwichdamsel 19 May, 2015 20:27

What would you like to see there Mazza?

Re: Topps Tiles
Posted by: Dulwich Books 20 May, 2015 15:36

An independent coffee/eatery such as Bertie & Boo in Balham where locals could meet, be a focal point for the area and encourage passersby to stop would really add to the collection of shops already here. Since the news was made public we have had a large number of customers expressing surprise and sadness that firstly it is a nationwide chain and secondly a tile shop.

Re: Topps Tiles
Posted by: LadyNorwood 20 May, 2015 17:10

I'd rather see a greengrocer/fishmonger but who can afford the rents - only a chain; I suppose the tile shop will in some way complement the kitchen shop... I'd really love to see something like Steamer Trading (it's similar to Divertimenti), maybe with a coffee bar....

Re: Topps Tiles
Posted by: dohchos 21 May, 2015 06:44

I was really sad to see that it was going to be a tile shop, it seems so odd, although I appreciate money talks, I would have loved a health shop like whole foods, even a new generic clothes shop but a boring tile shop, I am a little disappointed.

Re: Topps Tiles
Posted by: stuart-WD 21 May, 2015 16:26

I think it's a disgrace that Topps Tiles has been given the lease - it will add absolutely nothing to the area and no additional benefits to local residents. Their Blue and Yellow hoarding will be a blot on an otherwise quite picturesque selection of shops (bar Tesco!).

Dulwich Estates has the responsibility that when deciding on who to lease to they take into account the views of local residents and that the new commercial tenant is in-keeping with its surroundings.

Re: Topps Tiles
Posted by: LadyNorwood 21 May, 2015 18:13

Can I just ask how many people were regular visitors to Lesley Leale-Greene's salon?

Re: Topps Tiles
Posted by: dohchos 21 May, 2015 20:08

Exactly, probably not very many, that is why I think so many people are disappointed, how nice would it have been to have a shop that we needed or wanted to use on a regular basis.

Re: Topps Tiles
Posted by: LadyNorwood 21 May, 2015 20:16

At the very least I hope it's going to be one of their boutique shops

Re: Topps Tiles
Posted by: Mazza 22 May, 2015 11:49

Ideally I would have loved a Thai takeaway/restaurant or coffee/tea place where you could lunch. Topps Tiles does not add anything to the parade of shops, I am not a snob but they are more suited to the Old Kent Road.

Re: Topps Tiles
Posted by: LadyNorwood 22 May, 2015 19:48

I'm not a fan either, but they do have boutiques (more Fired Earth style) in Bayswater, Fulham, Wimbledon Village, Islington etc so maybe that's what they're planning here.....

Re: Topps Tiles
Posted by: jjjspm 24 May, 2015 09:18

LN it is going to be one of their Boutique versions:

Re: Topps Tiles
Posted by: MtnBikeChick 28 May, 2015 15:31

I agree this is a depressing addition to the local shopping area. Shame on the Dulwich Estate, particularly given there is a Fired Earth in the Village already! I understand a number of independent businesses have approached them in the past but they only want chain type stores with specific projected levels of income. I personally think a fishmonger would have been a fantastic addition. Maybe there is still scope for this when the Dairy is developed? Scotch Meats are expanding into the old Chinese takeawy next door (deli and fruit and veg shop, brilliant news), and a fishmonger would complete this! Maybe once the Rosendale Surgery has moved? Maybe Moxons could expand over here! Or Whittakers could reo-open! If only...

Re: Topps Tiles
Posted by: LadyNorwood 28 May, 2015 16:11

MtnBkChick - have you been to the fishmonger on the corner of Croxted Road and Brockwell Park? It's really good.... As far as I'm aware the dairy site is still on track to be a medical centre (Rosendale Surgery is moving there).

Re: Topps Tiles
Posted by: MtnBikeChick 02 June, 2015 15:57

Yes I know that - what I meant was when the surgery/pharmacy move to the new Dairy site.

Re: Topps Tiles
Posted by: dohchos 15 June, 2015 20:28

Well I still wish it was something more useful for everyday living, but I must admit its looking quite smart.

Re: Topps Tiles
Posted by: Grover 21 June, 2015 17:36

I'm not sure why Dulwich Books would like another coffee/eatery when we have Gastronomia, Café Rouge and Da Porcini. At least Topps Tiles may bring in new customers and it's not their usual garish façade but the classier "Boutique" style. I do feel we should support our existing local businesses and not wish for new ones that would just be competition for them.

Re: Topps Tiles
Posted by: purrgon 22 June, 2015 08:48

I agree with Grover, the last thing we need is another eatery/cafe, we are. in a way so lucky to have so many within walking distance.

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