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New mums and dads
Posted by: Jenni 06 June, 2015 18:44

Hi all

I have a 4 month old baby and am struggling to find any activities/baby groups in West Dulwich. Everything seems to be in ED or Peckham. If anyone has any recommendations it would be much appreciated!

Thank you


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Re: New mums and dads
Posted by: Lubylu 06 June, 2015 20:56

Hi there
Chatsworth church do a great mums & babies group on Friday mornings. I made some really good friends there. They also do a Wednesday morning play group but that's a bit busier. Friday mornings are really chilled out :) it's just for pre-walking babies.
All Saints church also do a group but I think that's Friday mornings and probably better when your little one is a bit older but nice way of meeting people. Monkey Music also do some sessions there.
Cherry Tree children centre on Barston Road do quite a lot of things as does Rosendale Children's Centre.
Hope this helps.

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Re: New mums and dads
Posted by: Jenni 06 June, 2015 23:23

Thank you Lubylu that's really helpful. Would be great to meet some local parents! I will check those recommendations out :)

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