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Abusive nanny spotted on West Dulwich station -- child was called Alex
Posted by: Charlotte160 15 June, 2015 12:52

I was shocked to see someone who I assume was a nanny being abusive to a little boy she was in charge with at West Dulwich station this morning. I think the little boy (who was aged between 4 and 6 I reckon) was called Alex. He was wearing a blue waterproof jacket, black trainers and grey uniform trousers and had a red scooter. The nanny was blonde (with bleached hair), tall, and spoke with a strong eastern european accent (possibly Polish?). This was between 7.45 and 7.55 AM on the northbound platform at West Dulwich this morning (15 June).

The little boy accidentally kicked her in the legs with his scooter and she violently threw him against the railings and shouted at him then stamped on his toe to punish him. The little boy was visibly upset and started crying at which point she calmed down and gave him a cuddle. I was appalled by the way she lost her temper with him and was physically abusive.

If it ws my son I would want to know straight away that this is the way my nanny was behaving so please if you think you know who the little boy's parents could be, point them in the direction of this message.

Thank you.

Re: Abusive nanny spotted on West Dulwich station -- child was called Alex
Posted by: MtnBikeChick 30 June, 2015 10:44

This is really upsetting. She could have been his Mum, of course.
Did you happen to notice if the child was in a school uniform? Was the waterproof navy blue or light blue? One of the local schools has a navy blue waterproof with a small blue emblem on the front left hand side. Which way were they walking? This could indicate what school they were headed towards.

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