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Rosemead Uniform
Posted by: Younga27 02 July, 2015 13:28

Hi - my son starts Rosemead in September and wondered if anyone knew of any secondhand sales at all? Or just some tips on what to buy through the shop and where else to go for certain items? Any help is much appreciated!

Re: Rosemead Uniform
Posted by: anotherdulwichmum 22 August, 2015 08:35

Great choice younga27.

Rosemead does run a second hand sale each term.

in the interim you could look on the website

Re: Rosemead Uniform
Posted by: OutsourceAccounting 01 September, 2015 14:51

Hi there,

My children both went to Rosemead. I found that M&S shirts and trousers/shorts were better value and quality, but there are quite a lot of things that have logos so you have to go through the shop. look at the website and buy only the essentials as the uniform sales run by Rosemead are quite good, and the children grow too fast.

Good luck, it's a great school.

Re: Rosemead Uniform
Posted by: Dulwichdamsel 02 September, 2015 22:21

Yes I fully endorse that, it is a great school, but has anyone realised how adversely it will be affected by the road bollards on Rosendale Road outside Scotch Meats.
I have done a trial run and any traffic coming from the Rosendale pub end (South) will have to turn off Rosendale road into Idmiston, along Tulsemere, along Towton, continuing on Lavengro and along Lancaster ave, bringing you out at the Rosemead school corner to turn right onto the South Circular. A perfect recipe for more morning congestion.
Please see the 'Rosendale Bollard' posts for further info
In addition please note this road alteration will affect all 10 local schools, not just Rosemead

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