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Drumming noise in Park Hall road area
Posted by: Peace&Quiet 13 July, 2015 20:25

Hi, is anyone else disturbed by the loud drumming coming from Park Hall road during early evenings and some weekends? It seems to be much more frequent recently (and even louder than usual in the Summer due to open windows!).

Obviously people have to practice but I - and some neighbours I’ve spoken with - feel that they should hire a soundproofed studio or a music room somewhere outside of the quiet residential area in which we choose to live peacefully (the whole reason for living in WD rather than somewhere more noisy!)

I’m not aiming to personally identify the people who object to it, or to make this in any way unpleasant, but I’ll just collate total numbers (so the drummer can see that there are several of us who are disturbed by it) and ask him to make other arrangements.

I have friends who did the same thing with someone in their area who was similarly drumming loudly, and the drummer was very considerate and found a rehearsal room in a community hall which was more soundproof.

So if you would like the drumming to stop, please "P.M." me anonymously through the forum and let me know asap. If you know anyone else in the local area who is similarly disturbed by it but isn’t on this forum or might not have seen the post, please let me know that too, to be added to the total numbers.

Many thanks.

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Re: Drumming noise in Park Hall road area
Posted by: anotherdulwichmum 22 August, 2015 07:31

Dear peace&quiet.

We hear it too but don't find it disturbing. This is an area with lots of teenagers and I can't help but think that the sound of music is so much kinder than the sound of bored children shouting and screaming!

Live and let live me thinks

Re: Drumming noise in Park Hall road area
Posted by: Peace&Quiet 24 August, 2015 19:18

Dear anotherdulwichmum,

Thank you for your reply and your opinion re the ‘teenagers’ which you surmise are doing the drumming (presumably you know them).

Our thoughts in response are:

a) actually there are many more older – and also ill and frail - residents in this area than teenagers

b) the ‘drummers’ are not likely to be the sorts of people ‘shouting on street corners’ if they weren’t drumming, we’re sure they have many other hobbies to keep them occupied and that’s terrific, …but the point was that their hobby is causing a disturbance to the above residents whose lives are being made more stressful (and therefore their health is being further damaged) because of it.

c) Re ‘live and let live’……The above elderly, ill and frail residents would *love* to be fully living, but the stress of the drumming noise is further depleting their already-reduced quality of life.

d) As we've said, we have no wish to make this personal, but we are entitled to ‘peaceful enjoyment’ of our homes which is currently being prevented on those occasions when the drumming occurs

e) It does not hurt teenagers to learn that they need to be considerate to their elders and neighbours, and that if something they are doing for pleasure is unnecessarily hurting other people then they need to make other arrangements (ie hiring a soundproof studio, hall or rehearsal room) which we’ve been told that considerate people do in other areas as soon as they realise the problem.

All the best, and thanks again for your reply and your thoughts.

Re: Drumming noise in Park Hall road area
Posted by: TimG 27 August, 2015 20:40

Would you like those of us who kind of like the drumming to PM you too so you can present a more balanced view?

Re: Drumming noise in Park Hall road area
Posted by: Peace&Quiet 11 January, 2016 20:05

Nope. (Thank you for the offer though :-) ).

It’s great that you “kind of like” the drumming, but you have the CHOICE to seek out drum music and concerts etc in appropriate venues which you can CHOOSE to go and listen to. Your life is not blighted by a lack of drumming, whereas ours IS blighted by the existence of it, and we are not given the choice of whether we are subjected to it - it just happens without our consent and destroys our quiet neighbourhood. It is very stressful and astonishingly inconsiderate in light of how much distress it is known to be causing, especially to ill and frail people in the area.

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