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Nelly's nurseries feedback
Posted by: morasmum 22 July, 2015 15:30


we're moving to the area in a couple of months and have started looking for a nursery place for our 1 year old. Nelly's nurseries are the closest, does anyone know what they're like?

I have visited two of them already and understand that there is a long waiting list, but would be interested in any opinions from anyone currently using those nurseries.

Thank you

Re: Nelly's nurseries feedback
Posted by: suemm 23 July, 2015 12:52

My son is now three but has been at one of the Nelly's nurseries since he was 9 months old. I have nothing but praise for them. He is looked after wonderfully and has formed strong bonds with the carers and his cohort. We are also very pleased with his development. Above all else, I have never had a moment's concern whilst he has been in their care. Feel free to PM me if you have any more detailed questions.

Re: Nelly's nurseries feedback
Posted by: morasmum 24 July, 2015 10:49


thank you for your post. I have read older posts where mums say great things about the nurseries. However I was reading the Ofsted reports,2 of them came out as outstanding but 1 of them was rated a 2. I am overanalysing it, but I just want to hear current mums' views on nelly's.

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