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Rainbow Smiles
Posted by: emmahb 29 July, 2015 21:21

Hi everyone,

We are moving to the area and I am thinking about putting my 1 year old into Rainbow Smiles. I read some pretty damning reviews on the EDF but they were dated 2012. Has anyone had any recent experience with the nursery (good and bad)that they wouldn't mind sharing? I've also put her down for CherryTree but if anyone has any recommendations (apart from Nellys) that would be appreciated too!

Re: Rainbow Smiles
Posted by: kirstysimone 29 July, 2015 21:52

Clive Hall on Clive Road (doesn't have website)
Anabela Day Care are both very good.

I have also heard good things about Cherry Tree.

Re: Rainbow Smiles
Posted by: Lubylu 31 July, 2015 14:47

Both my children went to Rainbow Smiles and I was very happy with it. They have some great staff who are cheerful, polite and most importantly brilliant with the little ones. The manager Heather is really excellent.

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