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swimming teacher in West Norwood
Posted by: bilbocat 21 August, 2015 21:08

Hello, Has anyone come across the swimming teacher called Alice who works in West Norwood's new pool on a Friday? She was brilliant with my son in a 30 min lesson this week but I didn't get her surname. I asked staff at reception and they didn't know either... but commented that all the feedback on her is great! As far as I know its not possible to book a specific teacher unless you contact them directly so I'm just taking a long shot that others may have come across her. Also wondered what the going rate is for private swimming lessons in this area? Thanks.

Re: swimming teacher in West Norwood
Posted by: kirstysimone 24 August, 2015 17:05

Have you tried asking the other swim teachers at the pool? They migh be friends with this teacher

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