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Grateful thanks to 5 unknown people
Posted by: tenacious 09 September, 2015 13:08

Last Friday at 11.30pm a bus driver refused to allow me on the bus at Brockwell Park with my scooter despite having a pass from Transport for London that gives me permission to do so. I am very elderly (90) and disabled. One passenger stood by the door so that the driver could not close the door and at the same time remonstrated with him. Other passengers joined in but I was not allowed on the bus. Some passengers got off the bus and stayed with me to ensure I got on the next one. One passenger offered to walk home with me as we both got off at the same stop, another was going to put in a complaint so many thanks to all of these supportive passengers. I know one lives in Clive Road and another in a road off Rosendale Road. I was so grateful for their support so Thank You all very much. TfL just say they are sorry and the driver will be dealt with according to procedures but these cannot be very effective as disabled people continue to have trouble day after day with driver's behaviour.

Re: Grateful thanks to 5 unknown people
Posted by: johnie 09 September, 2015 13:34

How unpleasant, but great to know there a good people around too!

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