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Sustrans Meeting Tonight - Rosendale Road Quietway
Posted by: Katharine@Wigwam 30 September, 2015 16:41

Hi everyone, a quick reminder about the meetings tonight at All Saints Church regarding the Rosendale Road Quietway.

Dates of the workshops are as follows:

Workshop 1 Information Gathering Drop In, Wednesday 30 Sept 5:00pm - 8:00pm

Workshop 2 Co-design workshop, Saturday 10 Oct 10:30am - 1:00pm

Workshop 3 Co-design workshop, Wednesday 14 Oct 5:00pm - 7:30pm

Workshop 4 Feedback Concept Showcase, Saturday 24 Oct 10:30am - 2:30pm

Re: Sustrans Meeting Tonight - Rosendale Road Quietway
Posted by: Brian Bender 30 September, 2015 19:32

The meeting this evening was frustrating, to say the least. First, the "facilitators" were not at all familiar with the area or any of the issues. Second, we were told that we were not being consulted on whether there would be a "Quietway" in Rosendale Road; that had been decided by TfL 3 years ago. The question was how best to implement it.
I deposited a set of comments on the following lines:
a) the questionnaire that had been issued was biased. It didn't start from the position "What are the issues for residents/users?", but from the point "How can things be improved for cyclists and pedestrians?"
b) I would adamantly oppose any actions which could have the effect of reducing the footfall by the shops.
c) I would support measures which reduced the flow of heavy lorries and the speed of cars, but would oppose measures which prevented drivers travelling south along Rosendale Road. (As a side issue, I noted that the "No right turn" onto the South Circular increased danger, as it encouraged drivers to go down Carson Road and turn right across the flow of the South Circular.
d) I would have no problem with introduction of a cycvle lane, PROVIDING it did not inhibit people parking in the street outside their houses.

Re: Sustrans Meeting Tonight - Rosendale Road Quietway
Posted by: Katharine@Wigwam 10 October, 2015 07:58

Thanks for your comments Brian. It appears lots of people have a similar opinion to you. Did you manage to sign the petition?

A reminder that the second workshop is today at 10.30am.

Re: Sustrans Meeting Tonight - Rosendale Road Quietway
Posted by: Brian Bender 10 October, 2015 08:13

I did indeed, Katharine. I can't make today's meeting, but I know at least 2 vocal opponents of the process and of closure of the road who will be there.

Re: Sustrans Meeting Tonight - Rosendale Road Quietway
Posted by: ally 12 October, 2015 13:07

I went to Saturday's "co-design workshop". It was well-attended (I think there were 70 places allocated) but nearly all the speakers called into question by whose authority the Quietways were being established, or the need for them or the peculiar way the "consultation" has been carried out by Sustrans. Some (more than half?) of the attendees chose not to join in the "workshop" element ie giving thoughts on traffic calming/redesign of junctions etc along the proposed route because they felt this was giving implied support. Andrew Turnbull (a local resident) read an eloquent and detailed list of objections to the scheme itself and to Sustrans' involvement in its implementation and was applauded almost unanimously. One lady was courageous enough to say that she and other parents too would like measures for safer cycling on Rosendale Road for her children and their friends; it was clear, though, that most of the motorists present felt deep suspicion of greater restrictions (especially in the light of the Loughborough Junction closures). Sustrans said that Lambeth Council and TFL would confirm in writing this week that Rosendale Road will not be closed. They also agreed to Sustrans ask TFL to attend a future meeting and explain the scheme properly. One of the Lambeth councillors (Anna) said she was still trying to discover exactly how the proposed route had been designated and by whom. All in all, it was an interesting meeting with Sustrans bemused at the hostility to a scheme which they obvioulsy - but naively - felt would have been well-received. They were not convincing, and the original closure proposal has now created so much suspicion that they will struggle to get support whatever they propose. There is a repeat of this meeting at All Saints Church on Wednesday night (5pm -7.30pm) and I think it is worth going along. The email address to book a place is

Re: Sustrans Meeting Tonight - Rosendale Road Quietway
Posted by: Katharine@Wigwam 14 October, 2015 14:22

Dear all,

A reminder that there is a further workshop tonight about the Quietway:

Workshop 3 Co-design workshop, Wednesday 14 Oct 5:00pm - 7:30pm, All Saints

I also wanted to thank everyone for their continued support. We have a wonderful community in West Dulwich and I'm so glad we have all pulled together at a time when it involves changes to our community.

Katharine (Wigwam Toy Shop & Rosendale Road resident)

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