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Loughborough Junction road closures
Posted by: ally 07 October, 2015 01:06

Many of you may know that Lambeth Council have closed six roads around Loughborough Junction and Myatt's Fields for an experimental period of six months. There is a campaign to stop the closures. Apparently, they are having a terribly negative impact on businesses and local residents, apart from the problems for drivers.

If you would like the roads re-opened, it is suggested that you contact one or all of the following at Lambeth:
George Wright, project manager, email:
Barbara Poulter, Senior Traffic Order Officer, email:
Councillor Jennifer Brathwaite, Cabinet Member for Environment & Sustainability, email:

There has been a public meeting and if you want to join the campaign, email, Tweet @ljroadmadness Facebook: LJ Road Madness

Re: Loughborough Junction road closures
Posted by: Dulwichdamsel 07 October, 2015 05:10

Thanks Ally for sharing this info
It is because of the negative effect this is having that we should put more effort into Rosendale rd against the closure
I urge residents to take the time to email the contacts you have given

Re: Loughborough Junction road closures
Posted by: vialli 08 October, 2015 15:00

This an article from The Standard earlier this week. i suspect it is about the Loughborough Rd / Milkwood road shambles.

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