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Rosendale Road traffic
Posted by: Londoner 20 November, 2015 15:17

Here's a new development(after we had seen off the silly suggestion of closing the road to through traffic), and one which is utterly appalling. Surveyors who were taking measurements in the road on 19 November told one of the residents that they were under instruction by Sustrans (yes, the charity and so-called neutral delivery agent for TfL) to survey the route with a view to removing all the trees on the pavements (yes, in a conservation area), narrowing the pavements, installing cycle lanes on both sides of the road and allowing parking on one side only. Sounds like a bad joke. I can't imagine any resident suppoprting this. We MUST see it off.

Re: Rosendale Road traffic
Posted by: Londoner 06 December, 2015 13:57

For those who haven't yet had a chance to see, the Sustrans ideas were outlined this morning at Rosendale School (and will be again on the evening of 9/12). It's not clear how much was a menu of different ideas, and how much would be cumulative, but what was proposed included (for the stretch of Rosendale Road from the S Circular to Park Hall Road):

- "sinusoidal" bumps across the road, insread of "cushions"
- "advisory" cycle lanes on each side of the road, INSIDE (ie on the road side of) the parked cars. So no reduction in parking. "Advisory" apparently means no cameras or penalties for traffic going into them. The benefit is said to include a narrowing of the road (but still it was said wide enough for 2 lorries to pass), thus slowing traffic.
- a zebra crossing outside the shops, combined with timed parking places by the shops.
- another zebra crossing a few yards south of the "dog-leg" part of Carson Road (it wasn't explained what the benefit of this would be, and it would result in the loss of quite a few parking places.

Feedback was encouraged (as it will be at Wednesday's session). Thereafter, Lambeth will draw up proposals, for conultation in January.

Two of our Councillors, Anna and Max, were there when I was, and were keen to engage with residents.

Re: Rosendale Road traffic
Posted by: Dulwichdamsel 06 December, 2015 22:50

Thanks Londoner for the update, I and many others will not be able to attend at this busy time of year, is this an intentional ploy?
I think we need further clarification of the timed parking and crossing outside the shops as this will surely lead to a loss of available parking
How are we now able to feedback?

Re: Rosendale Road traffic
Posted by: Londoner 07 December, 2015 13:56

I suggest you contact one of our Councillors to provide input. As I said, Anna and Max were present yesterday morning, and are keen to know what residents think.

Re: Rosendale Road traffic
Posted by: English teacher 02 March, 2016 20:30

someone has put an anonymous note through my door telling me there is a petition for the Quiet way 7 cycle route but I cannot find the petition on line. if anyone can post the link please do. thanks

Re: Rosendale Road traffic
Posted by: Katharine@Wigwam 03 March, 2016 21:42

There was a petition against the closure of Rosendale Road, due to the Quietway, but the closure is no longer an option. I'm not aware of another petition?

The proposed changes are now online - and you can comment on them:

Re: Rosendale Road traffic
Posted by: Lovelace 18 March, 2016 14:02

The last petition I saw was organised by Dalmore Road residents - I signed it but no longer have the link I'm afraid. I attended the Quietway 'drop-in' consultation on 5 March but have heard nothing since. The plans they pinned up were the same as the ones on the web site (link given in the previous post) and have not changed since.

The 'drop-in' seemed to be well attended, with several people to speak to (some more informed than others). There was a strong sense of resentment that there has been no consultation on the route itself. I was not alone in asking AGAIN why the more direct, less steep, pleasanter, already cycle friendly College Road was not being considered instead of the Rosendale / Tritton / Clive / Hamilton / Gypsy Roads / Gypsy Hill route which will set up all sorts of problems both during the work and on completion. The reason I was given was that the Rosendale etc. route picks up more residences so it is not just about people heading to and from Crystal Palace. But when I asked for the survey information to back this up (e.g. how many cyclists currently use Rosendale or College Roads) I was told it was not available and got the strong sense that it was all 'finger in the air' stuff. In any event people living around the Rosendale Road route could quite easily track across the short distance to College Road etc. and join the route.

Living near the Rosendale / Lovelace junction, I have said on the various forums that I don't think Rosendale Road is wide enough for two rows of parking, two cycle lanes and two lanes of traffic. Cyclists will be sandwiched between parked and moving vehicles, and vehicles will be edging into the cycle lanes to pass each other. Particularly as the cycle lanes are 'advisory' which I am told means it's not illegal for cars to use them! Further up, the proposed route along Hamilton Road / Gypsy Road / Gypsy Hill in particular is deeply problematic, and there is still a 60 metre length of Hamilton Road missing from the plans. I was told at the drop-in that the plan was to 'do nothing' here.

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Re: Rosendale Road traffic
Posted by: frustratedmother 18 March, 2016 14:20

college rd is owned by Dulwich Estate. I bet that is part of the problem.

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