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Posted by: vialli 19 January, 2016 08:11

Many people will have seen the thread about the car stolen from Dalmore Rd as part of a burglary. We live in Park Hall Road and subsequent to seeing the Dalmore Road post we received a police flyer giving advice about how to prevent burglaries following "a burglary in your street". I put this down to being the horrible Dalmore Road incident, but that may not be the case. I am told that a flat in Park Hall Road was burgled in the last few days, and on the closed South Croxted Road Facebook page there is reference to "15 burglaries" in Park Hall Road recently. I find this number hard to believe but it is nevertheless disturbing. Without wishing to set hares running, does anybody know the facts in all of this?

Re: Burglaries
Posted by: xsjx 21 January, 2016 13:21

I don't know about Park Hall Road but we had a burglar on Carson Road last night around 8pm

Re: Burglaries
Posted by: JMC72 22 January, 2016 20:55

This confirms the bad news:

Re: Burglaries
Posted by: south 22 January, 2016 21:26

A few thoughts - read the entire Guardian report - the village cited as having the lowest burglary rate is called Harbury the report goes on to say "although the site paints a different picture. It shows that in the crime reporting area around Dulwich Village, there were 73 crimes in November 2015, the last month for which data was available. The figure for Harbury was also 73.". The press release is designed to drive traffic to the money supermarket website which sells home insurance. I have not seen the figure of 15 burglaries referred to on the South Croxted Road Facebook page verified. If there are concerns about burglaries in the area perhaps we could get our local councillors and the Safer Neighbourhoods Teamto come on here and
A - give actual figures for burglaries in the neighbourhood, and
B - give advice on thing to can do to reduce our risk

I am quite happy to contact councillors and the Safer Neighbourhoods Team if that's of interest to anyone

Re: Burglaries
Posted by: vialli 04 February, 2016 00:28

One of our neighbours on the south side of Park Hall Rd was burgled this evening. Entry via a kitchen window. The latch on the front door was moved to prevent the key opening the front door. It does seem that the route in was via the rear gardens. Lights in the rear upstairs rooms were left on by the burglars.

Shall we look into forming a neighbourhood watch?

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