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Fly tipping and accumulating rubbish at West Dulwich train station
Posted by: murasaki 03 March, 2016 17:26

Dear everyone,

It appears that the litter problem at West Dulwich Station is getting substantialy worse; I noticed last week that someone has actually managed to fly-tip bags of household waste and bits of windscreen onto the (seemingly) inaccessible slope by the Victoria bound platform. It is so ugly and depressing and will attract both vermin and further fly tipping. The litter that people have been chucking over the railings of both platforms is quite extensive now. The mounting debris makes our environment negative and unpleasant. There is also new graffiti on the bridge on the Belair side). Fly tipping and littering is miserable and selfish and a crime. Please help make it stop.

Can any West Dulwicher out there help me confirm who owns these two strips of green land? Or help me find contact details for legal/property departments (instead of the sweetly unhelpful Customer Services staff)? Having spent several hours on the telephone being 'ping-ponged' between NetworkRail and SouthEastern as to who actually has title I could really use some assistance/guidance/a stiff drink. NetworkRail stated that SouthEastern owns the platform and land. SouthEastern said they didn't own the land. Online research of the Land Registry site proved fruitless. Southwark Council, who advised me to contact the Environment Department of, who might point me in the right direction, and I'll do that tomorrow.

In the meanwhile, I found a Customer Service complaint page for NetworkRail that might be useful.


Please, please, please take the time to fill in a complaint form (where it says reason for request' and 'select product' click on 'Safety and Crime', then 'Crime', then 'Fly Tipping'). If several of you do this, I may get an acknowledgement or details about where to correctly address my complaints, either of which would be positive.

Thanks guys, and your advice and information would be gratefully appreciated.

- murasaki

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Re: Fly tipping and accumulating rubbish at West Dulwich train station
Posted by: murasaki 04 March, 2016 16:41

Received a swift response from NetworkRail, which is amazing. They state that their contractors, are scheduled to clear litter on the 12th April and will remove the rubbish I photographed. It's important that they understand how much there is and that some of it is difficult to access so that they cannot say later that they were unprepared as an excuse for any bad effort. I'll email the company with full details.

With respect to the graffiti, NetworkRail say they have no money to remove it. This is frustrating as the graffiti is not hugely extensive and could easily be removed, but if it stays up, it sends the message that no one cares and further graffiti may follow. Heck, I'd do it myself if I could struggle through the barbed wire and not get arrested for trespassing!

If other West Dulwich residents complain, this may put pressure on NetworkRail, and they might reconsider allocation of resources (maybe) so PLEASE do make reports by copying the link I posted above.


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