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Kingswood Estate
Posted by: Dazzaman 17 March, 2016 11:37

Having spent the last two weekends emptying my later mothers house ahead of its sale this week and, during this time, it struck me how much the estate has gone downhill over the years. I realise I may be looking back with rose-tinted glasses but I can recall the days when there used to be a plenty of shops in 'the square', including a bakers, greengrocer and hardware shop. Now, there's a Chinese takeaway, off licence and newsagent. Moreover, the estate just seemed really run down and it made me feel desperately sad thinking of how it used to be. Does anyone feel the same or is it just me?

Re: Kingswood Estate
Posted by: blackorwhite 22 March, 2016 21:16

Well, we moved in last October, and up till now we'd thought we'd done quite well for ourselves... A lot of people will squirm at the thought of a council estate (to put it gracefully), but we like the no-nonsense architecture of the blocks, the house in the middle, the fact that it's got history ...and let's not forget the Chinese take away!!...

And so we like it, and although we haven't yet made any connections, we're hoping to become part of the community.

We don't know what it was like before, but interesting to know there were a baker's, greengrocer's and a hardware shop.
We'd love to know more! :-)

Sorry about your mother. I bet she knew loads of people on the estate...

Re: Kingswood Estate
Posted by: Dazzaman 23 March, 2016 05:22

Hi blackorwhite

Glad you're enjoying living on the estate. I lived on Lyall Avenue for more than 30 years so saw plenty of comings and goings and my nan was a cleaner at Langbourne primary school (now Dulwich Woood). Any questions about the estates history, I'm happy to help if I can.


Re: Kingswood Estate
Posted by: Sunnyday 28 April, 2016 18:41

Is there a Tenants and Residents association? I have not long moved onto the estate and would like to get involved like I did on my laste estate.

Re: Kingswood Estate
Posted by: blackorwhite 04 May, 2016 10:36

Hi Sunnyday,
sounds like you've had similar history to mine. I was fond of the other place but now I've got a balcony!! :-)

you can contact the TRA through this link:
There is an email address and a telephone number. That's what I did.

They meet on Wednesdays. The head of the TRA also works in the library.
So, do you like Kingswood?

Re: Kingswood Estate
Posted by: minder 12 May, 2016 22:01

I went to Kingsdale between 1974-79 and remember the first shop as you turned into the square sold chips. Can't remember if it was a fish and chip shop or something else but the queue went out of the door!

Re: Kingswood Estate
Posted by: blackorwhite 16 May, 2016 14:17

That sounds like an encouragement to open another Fish and Chips!! I'd certainly patronise it!
I wouldn't mind a cheap bakery sort of Percy Ingles, or a caff... But I guess it's been done already?

Anyway, I imagine a lot of things happened on the Estate since... but crossing it on a Saturday afternoon, when it's sunny and everybody is out enjoying the sunshine, it's really nice.

I wish there were more opportunities to get to know people, apart from 'knit and nat' and 'mum and baby's fair'...

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