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Warning: East Dulwich Taxis minicabs
Posted by: Anna_W 25 March, 2016 14:03

Hi all

Just wanted to share my experience with East Dulwich Taxis. Hopefully, my account will save some of you a lot of stress (I wish someone would have warned me!)

Essentially, if you want a reliable taxi company DO NOT USE East Dulwich Taxis. The most horrific taxi experience I ever had. Booked and PREPAID a taxi a day in advance to go to Heathrow. Operator then decided to cancel it last minute because I didn't pick up the phone when he called to confirm if I still need it (even though I already paid for it!!!). When they finally sent a driver he went to the wrong address - and was waiting there (!) instead of calling me. By the time the car arrived they were 30 min late! And when I though it can't get any worse the driver had to stop at a petrol station to refuel. Unfortunately, I was totally at their mercy as I was traveling with a toddler and needed a car seat, so couldn't just go for an Uber or AdLee. Prices may be cheap but if you want a reliable taxi don't use this one. Is 2 hardly surprising that they doesn't give customers the option to review them on Google.


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Re: Warning: East Dulwich Taxis minicabs
Posted by: Nathalie yoga & lang 14 April, 2016 17:36

Hi Anna, Thanks for sharing and sorry you had such a bad experience. Have you complained? I have used them before & not had a great experience. I don't use taxis much but as you say Addison Lee much better & I get discounts texted.kind regards, Nathalie

Re: Warning: East Dulwich Taxis minicabs
Posted by: Anna_W 01 June, 2016 11:57

Hi Nathalie

I did complain indeed but they didn't seem to cats much. The operator was dismissing my complains because according to him a) it was my fault by not answering the phone the one time they called me to confirm if I need the car (after I had paid!) and b) he did send me a car after in the end (so from his view no reason to complain). And the driver justo kept on saying it's not his fault buthat operators. All in all absolutely shambolic!

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