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'QUIETWAY' 7- Elephant and Castle to Crystal Place
Posted by: The Pedestrian 04 April, 2016 13:45

If you know about the proposed (and imminant!) so called Cycle 'QUIETWAY' and you DISAGREE WITH IT, sign the petition below and share.

If you don't know, it's time to find out about it. It WILL affect you- you can't avoid it. It's called a 'Quietway' to lull you into a sense of calm. Don't be deceived.

If you like catching the bus- well Southwark's stated aim is to decrease buses and make you walk and cycle instead. Is that OK with you? Or would you prefer to choose for yourself how you keep fit?

You can probably think of much more constructive ways to decrease traffic and improve travel and the environment for everyone without effectively creating a huge cycle lane. If so, add your ideas to the comments.

Do you know the scale of the budget for this scheme? If not, find out. I guarantee you will be shocked.

As a pedestrian, car driver, van driver, bus user, train and tube user, shouldn't you have your say on the route too? Only Sustrans, representing cyclists had a say. Do they have your concerns and interests in mind? Does Southwark Council?

Have you thought about how you will store your family bikes? It's time to now, or SIGN THE PETITION !

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