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'QUIETWAY'7 Elephant and Castle to Crystal Palace
Posted by: The Pedestrian 04 April, 2016 14:31

'QUIETWAY' 7- Elephant and Castle to Crystal Place
Posted by: The Pedestrian 04 April, 2016 13:45

If you know about the proposed (and imminant!) so called Cycle 'QUIETWAY' and you DISAGREE WITH IT, sign the petition below and share.

If you don't know, it's time to find out about it. It WILL affect you- you can't avoid it. It's called a 'Quietway' to lull you into a sense of calm. Don't be deceived.

You can probably think of much more constructive ways to decrease traffic and improve travel and the environment for everyone. If so, add your ideas to the comments.

Do you know the scale of the budget for this scheme? If not, find out. I guarantee you will be shocked.

As a pedestrian, car driver, van driver, bus user, train and tube user, shouldn't you have your say on the route too? Only Sustrans, representing cyclists had a say. Do they have your concerns and interests in mind? Do Southwark and Lambeth Councils?

Have you thought about how you will store your family bikes? It's time to now, or SIGN THE PETITION !

Re: 'QUIETWAY'7 Elephant and Castle to Crystal Palace
Posted by: Kaa 04 April, 2016 15:38

Although I don't like cyclists very much, isn't it too late for this petition? Hope not, please just explain how it will work. From what I can see on TFL website, the consultation ended on 20 March 2016.

Re: 'QUIETWAY'7 Elephant and Castle to Crystal Palace
Posted by: The Pedestrian 04 April, 2016 16:16

Yes, the official consulation periods are over, but they simply didn't reach the people who will be affected. Hardly anyone on and especially around the route knows about it and what it might really mean to them. And the consultations used a 'divide and conquer' strategy to get everyone to think about one tiny part of the whole route. There was never a real consultation on the whole route, nor a real explanation of what a 'Quietway' is. The official 'consultations' just left those living along the immediate roads for the Quietway thinking about their nearest junctions and speed bumps etc. It was all controlled by 'Sustrans'. People who attended meetings, just thought about their small part of the route and were left rather frustrated and puzzled as far as I could see. I have heard no real support for it. Have you?

Perhaps this petition can just force a re-think. That's the hope, I think.

Re: 'QUIETWAY'7 Elephant and Castle to Crystal Palace
Posted by: fullofbeans 04 April, 2016 16:37

Not all cyclists are the same ... I cycle a lot of this route daily and am opposed to it.

Re: 'QUIETWAY'7 Elephant and Castle to Crystal Palace
Posted by: mumnteach 05 April, 2016 20:14

have only just caught up with all this Quietway stuff: didn't manage to get to any of the meetings last Autumn & we're not sure what's actually going on. Looked at the plans & can see that, if it goes ahead, we'll lose a huge percentage of our parking, which will be a disaster. We live in the southern section of Rosendale Rd, from Rosendale pub to Tritton Rd, & we have to park at right angles to curb on one side, in order to fit all the cars in, as there are so many flats here. We assume that, if this scheme goes ahead, we'll be forced to park along the curb on both sides of the road (so as to make room for 2 cycle paths). Where are all the cars supposed to go? We support the suggestion made by someone else on here, that Alleyn Park would be a much more sensible route, for all the reasons already expressed by that person & others.
Have signed the petition, but there are only a few signatures so far. Does anyone have any up-to-date info on the scheme? Thanks.

Re: 'QUIETWAY'7 Elephant and Castle to Crystal Palace
Posted by: KateBramson 05 April, 2016 22:24

Might be interested in this

This is done in partnership with Lambeth and Southwark Councils and therefore a complete report on the consultation is set to be discussed at the next Dulwich Community Council in June 2016:

Following this, a decision is expected to be made by the Cabinet Member for the Environment and the Public Realm at Southwark Council by the end of August 2016.

Re: 'QUIETWAY'7 Elephant and Castle to Crystal Palace
Posted by: mumnteach 06 April, 2016 10:40

Thank you Kate - v helpful. It looks as though there won't be any cycle tracks in this part of the road - am I reading the plans correctly?

Re: 'QUIETWAY'7 Elephant and Castle to Crystal Palace
Posted by: KateBramson 07 April, 2016 10:57

No worries - from what I can see, it will run along the length of Rosendale Road from Turney Road, and it will curve round to Tritton Road to meet Clive Road.

This is the conclusion about the measures which would have to be taken:

" Introduce traffic-calmed raised junctions in two locations
Widened footway outside entrance to Elm Wood Primary School
Relocate parking bays from footway to carriageway to increase pavement space

Approximately 1250 mē of extra pedestrian space would be created.

In order to introduce new zebra crossings, new advisory lanes and improve visibility at junctions, we would need to remove around 197 metres of parking across the scheme area. This represents an approximate reduction of 10% of on-street parking capacity in the area."

- If the above is still the case, then effectly there are going to be quite a few road works along Rosendale from September onwards (potentially). I would strongly urge you to attend the Dulwich Community Council (whilst within the Southwark Boundary, you'll be able to hear the broader discussions about what is happening) and find out what Lambeth Council/Sustrans will be doing to communicate the changes in Thurlow Park.

Hope this helps!

Re: 'QUIETWAY'7 Elephant and Castle to Crystal Palace
Posted by: mumnteach 07 April, 2016 17:09

Thanks for info on Dul Comm Counc. Will try to get there. Have also emailed our Councillor, Matthew Bennett - Gypsy Ward.

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