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Vincennes Estate
Posted by: Zenoria 19 July, 2016 21:54

Hello all,

My husband and I are hoping to move your way and we're looking at a property that's part of the Vincennes Estate. We walked by today and it felt like a nice, safe place but there's very little about it online. Does anyone have any information they could pass on? I'm particularly interested in safety, as we have a little one on the way. I'm also curious about whether some of it's still owned by the council or if it's all private now. There are an awful lot of smart cars about the area but that's all I deduced from our stroll!

Many thanks,

Re: Vincennes Estate
Posted by: melloj78 20 July, 2016 11:32

Hello Zenoria, we don't live in the Vincennes Estate, but just outside of it on Vale Street. However we have two small kids and sometimes go play at the small playground inside the estate.

I have never had any safety issues nor heard of anyone who has. We know a lot of people who live around the estate and whose kids attend Elm Wood school (which is a top-ranked school, part of the Gypsy-hill federation) and never really heard anything amiss from any of them. Lots of young families and kids in the area. The little green space at the corner of Vale and Tritton is also being turned into a small garden for kids.

Can't say much about the split between counsel vs. private ownership. The houses on Vale and Carmac used to all be counsel and I would say about half of them are now private owned. I would suspect a similar ratio applies to the main estate itself.

Re: Vincennes Estate
Posted by: Zenoria 20 July, 2016 11:47

Hello Mello,

That's great to hear! Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.It sounds like it could be perfect for us :)


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