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Nanny and au pair meet ups
Posted by: MtnBikeChick 01 August, 2016 12:16

We live in West Dulwich and we have a new junior live-in nanny coming to live with us at the end of August. She is coming from Sweden and this will be her first time living in London. She is 25 and has worked in childcare for some time, and we will obviously spend time orienting her to London and Dulwich. However, I wondered if anyone knew of any local meet up groups for overseas nannies and au pairs? Her English is fluent so she won't be doing language school.
Thank you!

Re: Nanny and au pair meet ups
Posted by: jakea 07 September, 2016 22:13

Hi there - we had an au pair last year and she met all her friends through our kids school. They have a big community of au pairs. So if she is doing school drop off she will probably get to know people.

Also wondered if you could help us - we had an au pair lined up but it fell through and now we are really stuck for childcare. How did you find your junior Nanny? We only want a Swedish Nanny / au pair as have Swedish family.

Getting very stressed about lack of child care so any help or contacts would be much appreciated - or if your Nanny has a friend - even better - they will have a ready made social life!!

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