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Commuting is becoming a huge chore
Posted by: JLB:) 28 November, 2016 11:58


is it just me or is the train service from/through WD to Victoria & Blackfriars getting dramatically worse!? I usually get the 7.49am to Victoria, but every single day last week and today it was either delayed or cancelled. This means hoards of people are piling on the next train etc. It's getting quite unbearable now and it's always hit and miss whether you actually get on in the morning. Trying to take the 3 to Brixton is a similar story.

It just seems to be the norm now that it is ok to cancel trains constantly. I know this is the story everywhere but with the amount we pay for travel, we are starting to wonder if it's worth sticking around, especially with the Blackfriars announcement for 2018... We've only been here 4 years but the sheer volume of people that seem to be commuting now from WD into the city has grown enormously!

Apologies, bit of a whiny post but wondering if anyone else feels the same!

Re: Commuting is becoming a huge chore
Posted by: chdb 29 November, 2017 10:53

Yes I feel the same.

Is there any way to petition for more buses to go on the no.3 route? Its horrifically crowded and when it comes from Brixton to WD is often dangerously full with people balancing on the stairs.

Surely now they are building more flats in the area it will get even busier?

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