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Attempted car-jacking Paxton Green/Dulwich Wood Park
Posted by: LadyNorwood 05 January, 2017 11:08

Area: Dulwich Wood Park / Paxton Green
Time/Date: c. 10-10am Tue 3rd Jan
Age/Gender: 20-ish/male


While this is marginally out of the ED area, this individual will be transient.

He approached a woman who had pulled up and parked on a side road. He ran up to the drivers window screaming for her to get out brandisihg a chisle like weapon. Unsuccessful, he walked to the nearest bus stop and took a bus.

** Police **
From 999 to the team turning up, 'MD' Soutwark Police, excellent and clear communication with support. Great guys!

Specific details have not been included for good reason.

Re: Attempted car-jacking Paxton Green/Dulwich Wood Park
Posted by: freestyle-mccabe 09 January, 2017 22:33

No Further Action to be taken by the Met.

Finger Prints taken from the side of the car - No, CCTV on the bus the car-Jacker went to.... I guess no but not specifically mentioned.


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