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Rip-off at Dulwich Park Cafe run by ESCI Ltd
Posted by: sudhirtz 12 April, 2017 08:07

I wonder how many of you have noticed that this cafe will rip you off if they think they can get away with it.

On 11.04.2017 we bought a hotdog, sandwhich, late, coke and a brownie and were charged UKP 26.00. My wife paid by credit, asked for a receipt with the breakdown but this request was brushed aside so she walked away puzzled.

On going back to them to query the prices, the staff at first made out as though they couldn't understand her and then refunded us UKP 8.00 in cash.

After the meal, as we still felt we were being done, we went back and wrote down the figures and found that we were still short changed by UKP 2.75. Due to my raised voice they tried to pay us UKP 5.00 which we did not want and demanded our exact change of UKP 2.75, which they gave us.

On my querying why they could produce a breakdown of the prices in the first place we were told that thier machine wasn't working.

Please be aware of this fraud.

Re: Rip-off at Dulwich Park Cafe run by ESCI Ltd
Posted by: Nathalie yoga & lang 23 April, 2017 22:57

Sorry to hear that. I don't go that far but good to know. I keep being scammed & charged extra as well by most things and companies. Bloody nightmare.

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