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please be careful parking your car near WD station
Posted by: JLB:) 21 April, 2017 09:58

I was walking to the station down croxted road this morning around 7.45am, just after the lings coppice bus stop. Not really paying attention but I walked past two black youths, it appeared now that one was the "look out" and the other was very quietly trying the handles on cars parked up. He tried one and the cars lights flashed a few times as it was locked. Cannot believe people are so brazen! They were both wearing dark clothing and jackets with hoods up so you couldn't really see their faces. I tried to turn to face them to make eye contact and possible say something but they sort of faced the road so I couldn't. In honesty, I also thought I value my life too much to say something, you just never know. One was shorter around 5'2", the other maybe 5'6".

Anyway, please be really careful leaving your car near the station. The usual make sure it's locked and nothing on display, there's already a corsa there completely smashed in that has been there for about a month now!


Re: please be careful parking your car near WD station
Posted by: Leesajohnson 15 May, 2017 12:52

Thanks for sharing such a useful information. Everyone should follow parking rules whenever they park their vehicle.

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