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Children's Acting Classes, Every Tuesday & Wednesday @Island Arts Studio, Milkwood Rd, Herne Hill
Posted by: CreativeMindsLondon 11 May, 2017 15:19


Creative Minds London has been inspiring children since 2010 in venues across London. Our classes build ongoing confidence, self esteem, encourage and develop talent, and allow children to make new likeminded friends.

Book your child's FREE trial now! Email us at please include your child's full name, age and your contact details (name & contact number) and we will send you a confirmation for our next class, alternatively you can book via our website (Limited spaces available)

A Fun and Dynamic Experience
Creative Minds London provides innovative acting and dance classes and workshops for children ages 4 - 11!

Contact: Victoria
Phone: 07944549847

All welcome!

Little Stars Age 4 - 7
Our weekly classes for 4-7 year olds will boost your child's confidence, improve their concentration and give them a creative outlet to make friends and have fun! These drama classes run in venues across London. Classes are held after school (60 minutes).
Every Tuesday
4PM - 5PM
Venue: Island Arts Studio, 278 Milkwood Rd, London, SE24 0EZ

Big Stars Age 8 - 12
Our classes for 8-11 year olds are designed to build confidence and teach life skills that will be invaluable in future life.
Each week, professionally trained actors and directors work with the children rehearsing scenes from a specially written show. They help them learn new skills and challenge them to do their very best in a supportive and fun environment. On the last day of term, they combine what they've done into an inspiring performance for family and friends.
These drama classes run in venues across London. Classes are held after school (60 minutes).
Every Wednesday
4PM - 5PM
Venue: Island Arts Studio, 278 Milkwood Rd, London, SE24 0EZ

We create a safe and fun environment where your child is free to explore different social reactions and learn about interacting with people of all ages and backgrounds. The non-judgemental atmosphere, created by experienced instructors and like-minded people, can go a long way to helping children to discover themselves and build their self-assurance.

How your child will benefit from our class:
- Improved concentration.
- Your child will grow in Confidence and Self esteem.
- Social interactions will become easier.
- Exciting, challenging, fun and dynamic experience.
- Vocal skills such as projection and vocal ability will increase.
- Your child will make new friendships outside their school.
- Presentation skills will become easier and school assemblies will become a pleasure for them.
- By attending lessons on a weekly basis your child will develop a new interest in the performing arts, giving them a subject they can happily chat about to you and family.

The great thing is that children who take our acting classes are able to express themselves more articulately and your child will learn how to co-operate and compromise with others. These are lifelong skills and of huge benefit as a child and of course as an adult.

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