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Violent mugging West dulwich
Posted by: nchurch 29 June, 2017 14:34

Last Wednesday at 1 pm my younger brother was attacked at knife point whilst his money and cash card were taken from his pocket.
From the police they said they also done exact violent attack/ mugging down by West dulwich train station and 2 the day before around Dulwich Village!
*Be Aware* One was caught and in custody!
Description is 2 (obviously one in custody) 19-21 year old black males. Short tight black hair, although one wearing a hood. No distinguishing marks etc. About 5'8-9.

Re: Violent mugging West dulwich
Posted by: Zig-Zag 19 July, 2017 21:15

Very sorry to hear your news and hope your brother is recovering OK.

On the same day about 2.00pm as far as I recall, while walking down the footpath adjacent to West Dulwich train line I was nearly mowed down, along with a woman walking behind me, by a maniac on a moped. He definately appeared to be trying to get away from somewhere fast and shot round the station entrance and down the pedestrian-only path at great speed. If I had been a metre or so ahead he would have hit me head on. I just had time to dive into the wall to avoid him.

I reported it online but disappointingly hae had no acknowledgement. If your brother neds to speak to the police again maybe he could alert the police to this message, as the 2 incidents might be related?

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