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Mugging in West Dulwich - Glazebrook Close/Kennoldes
Posted by: 22 August, 2017 12:30

Hi everyone,

Having seen some recent posts on this forum regarding muggings, I wanted to alert you to a mugging incident I experienced this morning. As a daily commuter from West Dulwich train station into the City, I usually walk some of the way along Croxted Road before turning right into Glazebrook Close to take a short cut to the train station through Kennoldes. Today, as I was walking off Glazebrook Close and through the public alley walkway towards the station, I received a tap on the shoulder from a black male youth wearing a black gas mask and red coat. He was probably around the age of 16-21. He latched on to my jacket and demanded me to hand over money and without knowing whether he may have been armed I handed him my bag. Fortunately there was nothing valuable in it. He took it and then ran off. This was in broad daylight at 8.30am in front of two witnesses. I then left and walked to the station down Croxted Road and met a resident there who asked what had happened. He said the alley way there is a "hotspot" for muggings in the area given commuters and is especially bad during the school holidays (now and over Christmas). I've reported this to the police and they wish to interview me later this week.

For other commuters or passers by in the area, I strongly suggest not walking this way to the train station in future (at least not alone, as I was for a short time) - stick to the main roads.

If anyone wants any further information, please let me know.

Kind regards,

Re: Mugging in West Dulwich - Glazebrook Close/Kennoldes
Posted by: hitherman 23 August, 2017 12:20

Sorry to hear this, George - this must have been quite distressing. We are moving into the area next month, and are quite alarmed by a spike in muggings around Duwlich (many involving mopeds). Having said that, it seems to be happening all around London - a guy was stabbed to death right by the Greenwich park (around where we are moving from - not because of that of course) few weeks back simply for refusing to hand his watch to them!

So I do think you did the right thing of handing him your bag - it just isn't worth the risk. Hope the police manage to catch the guy.

Re: Mugging in West Dulwich - Glazebrook Close/Kennoldes
Posted by: 23 August, 2017 13:15

Thanks hitherman. I don't think it's anything to be unduly alarmed about for West Dulwich, but just be vigilant when out and about as these things can and do happen. Having lived here for nearly four years, it seems like crime in the area is slightly on the rise however (but as you suggest, this may be a London-wide problem). One other thing I will make sure not to do in future is use my phone next to roads or listen to music. I was listening to music through my headphones yesterday when it happened, which made it more difficult to react to what was going on initially.

As regards thieves on mopeds, I personally know three people in London who have had their phones stolen this way in recent months. Seems like the police don't want to do anything about it, either.

Re: Mugging in West Dulwich - Glazebrook Close/Kennoldes
Posted by: miss_f 23 August, 2017 23:47

It seems you weren't his first victim yesterday. Not sure if this link will work but someone else had a similar experience - same guy - at the Acacia Grove end of the alleyway at 0820

Hope you are ok. Very scary indeed, a lot of us walk that route every day.

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